Why Google Pay is Better ? [ Facts About Google Pay]

We can see a lot of payment applications in app stores on our mobile.  we are confused about the reliability of those applications.

I can suggest google pay, which is owned by one of the trusted brands in the world. 

If saying a few words about google pay, it is one of the best online digital wallet platform in the world. it is developed by Google and used by millions of users whole over the world.

Google denotes it as " a simple and secure payments app"

It is available in android devices and ensures quick pay with high security. 

It was earlier known as Android Pay. it is a unified version of google wallet and android pay, which google used advanced system for easy transferring of funds with high security.

It helps to pay store, peer to peer and online services.

Google pay India

Google pay supports unified payments interface [UPI] to transfer money to the receiver. User must link their bank accounts to the google pay for transferring funds.

How google pay works?

Google Pay works with NFC [near field communication] which helps to transmit the details of transfer of funds to the receiver.

We can transfer funds without using plastic cards and by linking a bank account to the payment app. There is a two-factor authentification in this payment system.


Google pay became one of the most download payment app because of its security. Google pay does not transfer the actual credit card number to others, also protects the payment information 
with high security.

5 features of google pay

  • you can pay directly from your bank account.
  • You can pay for mobile recharges, DTH bills and lots of other facilities.
  • Get offers and discounts on transactions
  • High security on online payments with google security
  • Pay and transfer money across India.

How to download google pay?

you can directly download google pay on your android smartphone from google play store or check the link given below-

google pay download

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