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Transformation of Business In India

Transformation of Business In India 

We noticed that the Indian market is going through a stagnant situation. There are low sales in the market And I explained about it my last articles. But we forgot to check the growing sectors in Indian business.

There are a lot of changes happened in Indian business, we can call it as a business transformation because of the failure of business results from another business related to that same business. Are you confused!!!?

I will explain!!!                                   

In this modern world, [I can call it as modern because we all like to 

Lifestyles of the customers had been changed. In olden days, we have to depend on shops for purchasing products, but everything is available on a phone call or a few clicks on the internet. And the product may reach within hours.

Let’s check the factors which changed the purchasing decisions of consumers in India.
 Let’s check the market

Sales of vehicles declined-Online taxis grew up

We can see that there are low sales in the automobile industry than before. In earlier every one depends on their own car for travelling. But now it is replaced by uber and ola online taxi services.

Why customers changed their mind?

By observing the market, we can see that a lot of factors affecting the sales of vehicles and the growth of online taxis

Most of the customers of online taxi are from an urban area.  Main advantage of online taxis is easily available.

We can see that most of the consumers of online taxi are from an urban area. Lot of employees are depending on online taxis without using their cars.

Main advantage of online taxi is easily available. We can call a taxi by using the app provided by the online taxi service provider. We can share the exact location to the driver and we have not to go for a taxi stand for getting a taxi. And they offer a wide range of vehicles like hatchback, sedans, MPV etc. then why should customers think about buying a car?


Customers no need to drive their car through huge traffic and blocks if he depends an online taxi, he can travel without worries.

When one owns a car, he has to drive it, or appoint a driver for him, it’s an expense to him. So online taxi service is a solution for this. And it is a herculean task to drive a vehicle through traffic jams and busy roads.

    Maintenance costs, fuel price, tax and insurance are a burden to a consumer when he has minimum usage with his car.


   Maintenance cost of vehicles is high than before. Spare parts costs, fuel costs and

Other expenses, does not generate any income or benefit to vehicle owners,

When they are using the vehicle for personal purposes.

Another point to be noted that people are migrating to different parts of India according to their job. So they face lot of problems regarding the parking and other services related to the vehicle.

Another thing to be noted is online taxi service became popular because of their lowest fare.  We can share our exact location to them and call them within from home.

[To be continued…..]

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