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How Whatsapp Business App Helps to Grow Your Business?

How WhatsApp Business app helps to grow your business?

We know that without digitalisation we can’t improve our business. 
We have to grow business online with the help of digital marketing. Now no one is using manually written records in offices.

 By simply means huge files, posts and mails are unknown to employees in large companies.

 Computers replaced the old system and it is one of the cost-effective ways. And a reduced workload.
Let’s check the role of WhatsApp business app in the growth of the business.

Whatsapp business app [whatsapp business API]

Whatsapp business is different from WhatsApp messenger; it is developed for business purposes.
It is a free application which can be downloaded from the store of android and iPhone. By using this app, the business enterprise can communicate with customers and get a quick response from them.

Features of WhatsApp business app

Main advantage of WhatsApp business is, it is very easy to use and enables simple and reliable messaging. Another feature of WhatsApp is, it uses a low amount of data for communication.
Whatsapp business is replacing the SMS.  Most of the countries are restricted the bulk messaging, so WhatsApp will replace SMS completely within a few years.

By using WhatsApp messaging service we can reduce the cost of sending SMS and others using other platforms for communication.

The user can also create groups in WhatsApp for easy communication which company can add 256 members in each group. We have only to send a single message for communicating with 256 customers at a time. And the company can create more groups for adding customers.

Another feature of WhatsApp business is calling facility. It provides unlimited free voice calls and video calls across the world. We have only to pay the data charges. And the company have not to pay a single penny for national or international calls.

Whatsapp business app also provides voice messaging facility, by this company can communicate with voice messages, which have no additional expenses than data cost.

Document sharing is another feature.  We can send documents or other documents to customers by this. We can share the spreadsheet, PDF, slide show by this facility.

Whatsapp business can be used in a desktop also. We can download Whatsapp application on windows 10 desktop computer or the user can visit the website to use WhatsApp on PC.

One of the features of WhatsApp is its security. Whatsapp business also has a high-security feature which is known as end to end encryption. By this feature messaging is safe, which can’t be hacked.

How WhatsApp business helps in business?

Inform new services/ introduce products to customers

One of the best ways to advertise products is Whatsapp promotion. If a company introducing new services/ products company can inform existing customers and the customers may share this advertisement and it will reach large audience.
It is also can be used for collecting customer feedback after purchasing a product.

For example one of the DTH TV providers informs the subscription renewal date through their registered WhatsApp number. By this company get a quick response from customers than email and SMS because people are spending more time on WhatsApp than email and SMS.

To get a quick response from customers

One of the major benefits of WhatsApp business is, the company get a quick response from the customer.
We can see there are other medium for communication, but sending a message through WhatsApp is easier than other medium used in communication.

Can reach unlimited customers with minimum cost

We can see that, for international calling, we have to spend a huge amount even for a single call. In this globalised market, company gets customers from all parts of the world. 
So the company can depend on WhatsApp business for communication by spending minimum costs. So WhatsApp business is cost-effective.



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