Do You Have Any Product To Sell ? How To Sell A Product Online

Do you have any products to sell? Check these websites!

Are you a manufacturer or a seller? Your products have no market? I can help you!

Here I am introducing 2 e-commerce websites

Yes! Amazon and Flipkart!

We are familiar with these two e-commerce websites. But we depend on these websites only for purchasing.

Then how should we sell through Amazon and Flipkart?

Let’s check it!


We know that Amazon is a worldwide e-commerce website. You can sell your products by creating an account on

This website address is only for Indian sellers. You can register your account with your email id.

Why you should sell on

We know that Amazon is one of the popular and trusted e-commerce websites in the world. It also popular in India, and have a presence in most of the states. So if you are selling your product locally, it will not reach a huge market, and the product never gets proper attention.

In amazon, you can sell your products to crores of customers 24x7 days. It is one of the most visited e-commerce websites in India.
According to data available, Amazon India has more than 4 lakh businesses, big and small. By selling through amazon, we can assure that business will reach every part of the nation.

Amazon assures secure payments after-sales. We know that Amazon is a trusted website.

Your funds are transferred directly to your bank account. Even for pay on delivery orders on every 7 days.

You can ship your products stress-free. Amazon takes care of delivering your products.
Another feature of amazon is, they have good services to help you in every step

Also get paid support from certified third party professionals for your product photography, account management and much more.

For creating an account, you need-

  • GST number and PAN information

  • Bank account

Another eCommerce website-Flipkart!

Flipkart is one of the leading Indian e-commerce websites with maximum online reach. 
Flipkart has more than 10 crores registered customers and 80 lakh shipments every month.

You can register on Flipkart seller hub account

It also requires

  • GST number and PAN information

  • Bank account

These are the two credible and popular e-commerce websites which I introduced today,

These websites surely help to grow your business, start selling!!!

Provide your feedback, comment below.

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