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Marketing has much importance in this business, world. Marketing is essential to products also to services. product marketing is the marketing of tangible goods, tangible goods include things that can be touch, felt and seen. Service marketing is we cannot touch, feel, see the services because service is intangible.
                                                             In product marketing, products are there are various methods for can be displayed and marketed. It includes the package of the product, logo, design of the attracts customers easily. We can see that most of the products introduce samples for their products. Another factor is ownership. We can transfer ownership of a product, for example, vehicles. It cannot be applicable in the service sector, if we use the service of a taxi, we can’t argue for ownership of that vehicle. We can resell a product. So customers are easily attracted to products. Customer can evaluate the product before purchasing it. Evaluate by quality, quantity, design, price, etc. But in services, we can’t evaluate before buying. we only get previous customer’s reviews. Products are manufactured as per the standards of that particular product, the standard of the market, and target manufacturers always try to maintain the quality of the product. Management has much importance in product design, management of manufacturing and other aspects.
                                                                        In services marketing, services are intangible. So marketing is not an easy task. They can only be experienced. In service, reselling is not possible. Customer satisfaction is different in services. Every customer is different when it comes to enjoying services. So services vary as per each customer’s needs and preferences. We can’t acquire ownership in services. When goods are purchased, the buyer became the owner. But services are not physical in nature. We can make use of services without any right to ownership. Service cannot separable from the owner who provides it. But in a product, we get full ownership.

Another aspect is perishability. Services cannot be stored and it is not perishable. But there are products which are perishable. Customer feedback is more important in the service sector, so they use it as advertising. But products are marketed and advertised by the logo, quality, quantity, etc. Another aspect is variability. The quality of service will vary, for example, sometimes we get good services from telecom companies and sometimes may occur network failure. But in the product, the quality depends upon the quality of the product itself. So it can be checked before buying it. Getting the value to the customer is different in service marketing. Customer needs good service according to the money he or she spends. But service can’t assure the hundred per cent satisfaction to the customers. While depending on a service it can be cancelled due to various reasons, If we got an appointment to visit a lawyer, if he has any health issue, the appointment and service of the lawyer may be cancelled. Continuous rain causes the stoppage of service through road and rails. 

We don’t get the service but we can’t blame the service provider. There are many certifications for products, for example, ISI mark on products to identify better quality products. It is the easiest way to understand the quality of the product. There is no option in the marketing of a product is easier than services. We can see that in customer feedback of some services makes us confused. Some customers give positive feedback and some customers give negative feedback. So it’s hard to predict that we get good service from a company. In service marketing, employees have much importance. Services are provided by employees from an organization.

 For example, improper consultation of a patient from a hospital not only affects the doctor also the hospital. In the product, the employees do not have direct involvement in the sales of the product. Because the products are quality checked and assured by the officials in the company. The product can be recycled but services cannot. We can see that we are selling scrap of products we used and we get a nominal amount for that. But services are not offering it. We can understand that it’s easy to market a product than a service.


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