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Human resource management [HRM] concept was introduced in India at the beginning of the 19th century. But in Arthasasthra written by Kautilya was known as first management manual, explains about various human resource practices at that time.
HRM  grew up in different stages in India in different names. On 1920 its objective was human welfare. the appointment of labour officer by the suggestion of the royal commission on labour was a milestone in the history of the growth of human resource management.
After that, the growth of HRM was sped up. Labour officers were appointed to promote welfare activities of the workers. They have also the duty to settle grievances and disputes. the 2nd world war also made an impact on HRM. New position came into existence as a welfare officer to promote welfare activities among the workers.
                                                Enactment of industries act increased the duty of the welfare officer that to handle disputes and providing better wages and other benefits. They are also called industrial relations officers and they are qualified with the law.
After 1960 industry grew up and workers got better training under apprentice act of 1961 and they got employed by employment exchange act of 1959.
                                       In ancient times labourers have not got much consideration. they worked for livelihood. But after the introduction of the factory system changed the entire scenario. After the introduction of the factory system and later industrialisation and urbanization came into existence, the scope of HRM increased. The importance of labour management was discussed. Later it was transformed into personnel management and human resource development. In personnel management, there was no consideration for human factors and they gave only supervision to employers.

After the introduction of HRM, employees got more consideration and they get motivated and also get a chance to identify their strengths and weaknesses. And they also got help for improving and perform well in an organization. HRM gives proper training and also stress-relieving activities which help to increase the efficiency of the employees.


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