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Google my business- why it is essential for a company?

Google my business is an internet-based service provided by Google, for your business promotion.

It helps business owners to publish their company’s information which is accessible to customers.

And it is visible on Google search. It helps the companies to publish their websites, location, address,

Phone number, photos, opens hours and address of the company. Company can create a website with the help of this service.

It helps the customers to locate the business, and give a review of the business.
 And the company get more positive reviews, it attracts more customers to the company. And another big thing is that the company not have to pay for this service. It is free of cost.

There are also facilities for getting a business email and ad creation for your business

It is a simple task and we should not need not much time or effort for opening a Google my business account.

First, you should have a valid Gmail account. We can sign up and create an account by this.

Then you should fill address and other columns and Google will send a mail to a given address.

After that, you will get a code and you should enter it on your account, after that it will become a verified account.

You should note that always give correct information on Google my business. Otherwise, it will affect your business in different ways. 
And Google has to verify your account and it will affect negatively when you give false information.


source: google my business.


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