From 2020, Indian automotive industry is stepping to Bharat stage 6 from Bharat stage 4. It ensures cleaner vehicular emissions. Production of BS 6 engines are costlier and price of the vehicles will increase in future. So most of the automotive manufacturers are thinking about discontinue of diesel vehicles. In this scenario we are thinking about electric vehicles.
               Indian automotive industry welcomed electric vehicles which is eco-friendly. The main features of electric cars are they are energy efficient and it needed only low maintenance costs. Another big advantage is there is no pollution by electric vehicles.
                                               Indian automotive industry entered the electric vehicles segment. Most of the big automotive manufacturers launched their vehicles in market.
         Mahindra launched their E-Verito which was launched in petrol and diesel in earlier models. They also launched another model called Mahindra e20
Suzuki is ready to launch one of their most successful model wagon R into E-wagon R. It starts sales in India by 2020. It costs around 9 lakhs.
Two wheeler manufacturers also entered electrical vehicle segment. Hero owned by Hero motocorp launched scooters which was successful in Indian market.

BSA cycles also launched their electric bicycles which tagets rural as well as urban customers.
Kinetic green and Mahindra electric also launched E-Rickshaws which is energy efficient and gives good performance.
E commerce giant Flipkart will change their vehicles to electric by March 2020. They are planning to upgrade their delivery vehicles from fuel to electric.
In short we can call electric vehicles as transportation of future.

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